Our Company

Monday May 15, 2017

Fitrite, Incorporated is a 100 % Filipino owned company. Established in 1956 as supplier of dental products hence the name “Fitrite”. Shifted to food manufacturing in 1974 due to the growing demands in the market. In 1982, ventured into the export business on top of local market, countries included United States, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hongkong and other Asian countries. Accredited to European Council in exporting fish products to European Economic Community. Certifications include: HACCP and GMP of BFAR (Bureu of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources).

The company ventured into processing out fruit drinks, nectar and jellies. These are being produced using world- class food processing machines and packed in flexible packaging with built – in straw. The continuous upgrading of products thru intensive  research and development and the maintenance of high quality standards in every aspect of production is our main trust to ensure we strictly adhere to international food manufacturing standards.

Fitrite is committed not only to bring home-grown Philippine foods to Filipino’s abroad, but also to promote Filipino – made products to the world.