Sukang Paombong (Palm Vinegar)

Thursday June 15, 2017

Brand : MONIKA
Case Configuration x Net Weight : 12 x 750mL
Product Packaging : Long neck glass bottle
Stacking Height (Pallet) : 14 x 6 cases
Case Weight : 17.5kgs.
Item Container : Carton Box
Shelf Life : 12 months
Product Description:
Paombong is a town in Bulacan province (situated in Central Luzon) where they are famous for fermenting their vinegar in a unique way. This product is made from palm vinegar, also known as sukang sasa or sukang nipa, where traditional way of Filipino vinegar making is done to give you a different variety. It is one of the four main types of vinegars in the Philippines, along with coconut vinegar, cane vinegar, and kaong palm vinegar.